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Getting started with Bug Bounty!

Guys Hope you all are doing well.
I started my journey in bug bounties around 1.5 years ago, and I am thankful to all the members of security community who share their knowledge to the community.
I have learned a lot of things from them and I am still learning new things daily from fellow hackers, hacking is a continuous process and ultimately reflects a state of mind.
I have received a lot of messages from people's asking me how to start, where to start in bug bounties. So I have decided to write a blog which contain as much information which helps for beginners.

Quote- "Hacking is a lifelong Journey of Learning "

Table of Content
IntroductionReadingPracticingConnect with communityAsk QuestionsMotivationCertificationsConclusionIntroduction

What is bug bounty? To get a basic understanding of the role, the name itself is quite self-explanatory. A bug bounty hunter looks for bugs in applications and platforms, which they later reveal to the company responsible and are c…